First sorry  for the delay. 

   From what I see, I am nothing special, nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing has happened to me my whole life that hasn’t happened to nearly everybody else on this planet including self realization. 

   When people hear the word realization maybe it haunts up images and thoughts of some Sadhu in Himalayan cave. I don’t want to talk about something that is not in our experience, because the moment I start talking about it, we all will lose grasp over reality. If you start believing realities that is not yet in your experience, I guess we’ll sure to lose our grip in the reality we are in. 

   Google states realization as-“an act of becoming fully aware of something as a fact”

   But in reality it seems like its a half hearted definition. Realization are like thoughts. It comes to your conscience at any random period of time except for the exact time you require it. Sad but true. 

   Realization can come into one’s compunction only in two possible ways. One when you are done being aware of the given fact. And other is before being aware of the given fact. I know every single of you have a clear idea of what I am talking about.

  One – It is when you realize something a bit earlier and try to prepare yourself. You think you are aware enough, to take required actions but its totally opposite, the more you think that you know about something , the less you actually aware about it. 

   In my case, after my sister’s marriage the financial condition in my house was pretty tight. And after my 12th grade I wanted to pursue my further education in Hotel Management. And the college fees was nearly 5.lakhs  and I realized my family cannot afford it at that time. So I decided to take a year break after my 12th grade. And I convinced my parents that I am going to take a break but never told the real reason about it. 

   And I thought I had a idea about the consequences of it, but I didn’t. Later I got taunts and poked by my friends and family about it Few of my friends supported me, my brother was bit mad at me but I guess he understood it. I didn’t want this be known to many people. I thought I did the best thing possible to do at that point, but things don’t happen the way you want 

    Second – Every one has those moments where  he is a bit late in realizing it. And regret it and then frustration. Knowing that you are better than this and If you would have pushed yourself a bit harder, things could have been different. And if it’s a situation regarding some of that major and important things in your life that you didn’t want to get spoiled and it turns out exactly opposite then for some time say hello to your new friends “regret” and “guilt”. 

   Yeah I regret it. Why did I took a break . Was it really necessary. Was a year of waiting worth it. I should have gone with the flow. But my intuition regarding the decision of was not good enough. But after  all settled down I convinced myself that I was right,but I knew i wasn’t. But I try to  live with it and there’s nothing I can do for it now. 

   This is for someone specific. Egoistic people are the like arc enemy of realization. At a point of time people neglect everyone others and shows some symptoms of narcissism and if try to correct them they think you are looking down on them. Even if they are  bought to awareness about something as a fact then they just don’t look at it then.  So it’s better to let them be on their own. You can just watch them get drown in the swamp  of their own ego or if they are lucky enough and i mean really lucky  and realize the hectic situation caused by them  directly or indirectly and try to redeem it, things can be better for all persons around them. 

   Life is basket full of dreams, expectations, opportunities and realization is your tool to pick only that things that you can afford.Life revolves around the nostalgic past and the curious future. And you have to realize which part you want to continue , regret in the dwelling past or be overwhelmed by the crazy future. 

    Not every day is a good day, live anyway. Not all you love will love you back, love anyway. Not all will tell you the truth you, trust anyway. Not all you realized  is true but realize this every day. 

     Man has a possibility of existence after death. But possibility  is one thing and the realization of possibility is quite a different thing. 

                                      – Francis Bret Harte.