Okay,  I  am going  to be twenty years old  now.  I don’t expect much from myself, neither  expect others to expect much from me.

I think expectations is parallel to our very own life. Once you are born people start expecting from you. When you are a kid you are expected to learn to walk, then learn to talk, then go to school, and from this point of life expectations start taking a high way. Then the rest you know I guess, As a Indian boy or girl, or any other , what is expected from you. You study hard, go to nice university, get a Diploma or Graduation, get a job, work hard, earn then marry and after that life pushes you in a stream of water where there is no stopping till the end. And the end is death. Expectations go hand in hand with life. That’s how life is.

When me and my brother were kids, we were the only two kids in our entire  family. And my  father’s younger siblings i.e. my uncle’s and aunt were very well educated. The youngest uncle was a computer engineer, the other was a Orthopedic doctor and even my aunt was a doctor. So everyone thought we would be their successor. And their expectations started growing and over the period of time it shattered like a broken glass. Even we didn’t think things were gonna take such a turn. It never worked out as they thought.

Same like everyone even I had some expectations, which were never meant to fulfill as I thought.

We say we can live better if we rule out expectations from life. But is this true? Well without expecting good and positive how will I be able to work for progress… I work for improvement, because I expect better each time from the previous one. But expectations form another person and to realise them that they don’t fit into your perception of perfect, is very wrong. To save from this we tend to numb ourselves and behave as what is expected from us.

I usually run away from people who makes me remember how wrong I am, always, no matter what the situation is. I have tried to pull all my confidence and positivity and to face them all but nothing works when they dominate. I just don’t like fighting to something that I don’t belong with. I let it go as it is.

We don’t forgive, we don’t forget,expect us.

– expectations


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