It was pretty  difficult  for  me to get  used  to after  every  time I  changed a school. In all I  changed  three  schools. First  when  I was in Mumbai , from Jr. Kindergarten to Sr. Kindergarten, after  that when  i moved to  Kalyan I was in a  first grade, then again  I changed the school when  I was in sixth  grade.

The first time I went to school after I moved to Kalyan was  Model  English High School. It was  not  a  nice  school, it was pretty  old one though . Starting months  were  pretty  tough  for me, first  of all it was  really  far away from where I used to live, like whole 30 minutes walk and second as I was a new  student I was  bullied . Yeah  for a whole month I was  bullied. And the guys used only  one  trick  on me. As in the break time  every one  rushes to restroom,so  these 3 guys  used to  get themselves soaked  up in water and go running  in the classroom  and complain  the teacher about  me. And as i said  it was not a pretty school, i used to get beat  up  and scolded. These went  for a  whole  month. Later on the teacher came  to know  about my innocence, yeah, “my innocence” and punished  those  guys  and complained there  parents about the situation . Later on I  got used to the school , the environment, the guys, there was a  kind of mischief   in the air of  the school  I  was  caught  fighting  several  times , and copying , taking  cheats  in exam and  yes!  Eating  lunch box many times and many more  stuff . This was even affecting  my studies, if i remember  properly i was so dumb  at  that  time I  just  cannot  think  myself in that position again . There was a incident i remember, is was our unit text exam when i was in 5th grade. As i said earlier i was caught cheating in exam, so i had a small copy of a answer for cheating in exam, i was a bit late for exam so carried the copy in my hand and while going to my classroom for my very good luck i got stumbled to a Sir,and the copy of answer fell down from my hand and the  sir saw me. It scared the shit out of me, i somehow managed to get away from the sir as there was crowd of students in the corridor, and for my further good luck the same sir was appointed at the same classroom in which i was alloted. And what happened next i got beat up,punished by standing on the chair with my hands up for half an hour while everyone was writing exam, then after half hour the sir allowed me to write the exam. So I was in  my fifth  grade and My  brother  was  in tenth grade. As it was his last year in the school, my mom decided  to  change  my school. She knew  that if I stay  at that  school any longer I am  gonna  get spoiled as hell , cause  as my brother’s batch was the  senior most batch and they crossed  all the limits of vexation.   We didn’t  know  what they did  but  they  were  punished  by the principle in front  of the whole school, and immediately  parents  of all the students  were  called  up. And at that day  mom  decided  to  change my school. I thought  she was just  kidding with me. Then  i didn’t  think  about it much  really  enjoyed my  summer  vacation  and  one day my  mom  took me  to the  clothing  store  where they  sell  school uniforms,   I was  generally  a healthy  and chubby  guy I just thought I am  gonna  get a new pair of  uniforms. And then  my mother started seeing  uniforms  for that other  school  and that moment  I realized I was done  with  my old school  I was so sad  thinking  that  i didn’t  even  got to tell my friends about  this  they will  be just  waiting  for me  next year  in the school .  I was pretty nervous. I am the kind of guy  when  there  is a awkward  scene  going  on while  watching  TV  I  just change the channel , i just can’t  withstand  the unusual  nervousness. So again changing  school, by surprise I would say was a thing  for me to  get nervous and sad about. So yeah. 


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